A most innovative conference on Climate Change: Views from the Humanities

This month we have been contributing to a remarkable and nearly carbon-free conference, organized by #flyingless supporter Ken Hiltner and colleagues at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The title is Climate Change: Views from the Humanities.

Until May 31, all of the talks will be available at the conference website. Then, there will be closing events by videoconference on May 31. You may sign up for free to participate in the online question and answer threads.


The keynote talks include noted ethicist Peter Singer, literature professor E. Ann Kaplan, bestselling science fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson, and English professor Ashley Dawson. Singer’s thesis is fierce: “What the rich nations are doing is indefensible.”


The breakout session titled “Flying and Focusing on the Everyday” includes climate scientist Peter Kalmus, geographer Joe Nevins, and Parke Wilde.


Please join the conversation with us in the Q&A threads!


Here is Ken Hiltner’s opening talk.


Conference talk3 from Environmental Humanities Center on Vimeo.