Changing the culture of university communities (a #flyingless update)

Here are three recent links emphasizing #flyingless themes in a constructive way.

  1. The March 28 event at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden has now been posted online, and it’s wonderful. We appreciated the shout-out from Kim Nicholas for our initiative. Kevin Anderson illustrates in his own calm manner the hybrid radical realism that he espouses. Nowhere else in my academic life do I see PowerPoint slides with titles like, “Narrow thinking led to our shameful littany of scams.”
  2. Our own Joe Nevins, from Vassar College, has a new essay in truthout, emphasizing the combination of systemic and lifestyle changes. He warns against “a ‘soft denialism’ shared by many associated with the broad left and the climate movement in the United States and the West: a failure to scrutinize lifestyle and everyday consumption.” At the same time, he emphasizes the need for systemic change focused on environmental justice. He writes, “collective action and individual action are necessarily linked in the effort to make structural change. Like any project of far-reaching change, the effort to radically cut carbon dioxide emissions, and environmental degradation broadly, is a multi-front endeavor.”
  3. Registration is now open for the Global Arts and Psychology Seminar (GAPS) on April 28-29. Here are links for registration for the Boston hub, which will be 9:30am to 2pm on April 28 at Tufts University, and for the global event. As the keynote speaker for the Boston Hub, Emily Morgan, Ph.D., a researcher at Tufts, will discuss “Modeling Melodic Expectation.” In format, as a small-scale pilot, this event offers one step toward addressing a challenge Kevin Anderson raised in the Swedish event in #1 above, reflecting on the need for experimenting with new methods of long-distance or virtual academic connection that preserve the essential warmth and human connection of in-person conferencing. Join us at the hub nearest you!