Climate scientists lead by example

In a new book, climate scientist and #flyingless supporter Peter Kalmus integrates lucid readable summaries of the key facts about climate change and charming personable engagement with the human dimensions of making radical lifestyle changes.

The book is titled Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution (New Society Publishers, 2017; also available from online booksellers).

Along with Joe Nevins and I, Peter was the third presenter in a session of the first nearly carbon neutral online conference organized by Ken Hiltner and colleagues at the University of California Santa Barbara in 2016.

Peter is both a scientist and a community builder. His web project, “Scientists Who Don’t Fly,” features personal accounts of climate scientists who wrestle in fascinating diverse ways with the lifestyle implications of their scientific work. Far from being a downer, the overall effect — like Peter’s book — is upbeat. Though people sometimes will try to tell us that change is “unrealistic,” these appealing personalities offer their own testimony that it not only is feasible in principle, but they have done it themselves and still are thriving.

Best of all, Peter’s website has a “join” link for you to submit your own testimonial.