The #flyingless tour (March 2018)

Parke is traveling overland by Amtrak for the next 2 weeks, for a mix of talks and meetings on food policy and #flyingless topics.

If you are near one of these events, please stop by to say “hello.” The chance to meet in person feels especially precious during these years of not flying.


  • New York City, Mar 16 (tomorrow), noon, CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, Hunter College. 1216 East Building. Contact O. Douglas Price (Twitter @ODouglasPrice) with quick RSVP to arrange building entrance. Presentation and discussion on #flyingless themes.
  • Atlanta, Mar 19 (Monday), 11:30am. Emory University, AMUC room 223. Presentation and discussion on #flyingless themes.
  • New Orleans, Mar 21 (Wed), 5pm, American Heart Association Epi/Lifestyle meetings, 5pm poster presentation related to U.S. food policy research.
  • Memphis, Mar 24-25 (tourism on music and civil rights themes).
  • Bloomington, IN, Mar 26 (Mon), 12:30pm, IU Food Institute, 405 N. Park Ave, on #flyingless themes and 4pm, 513 N. Park Ave. (Tocqueville Room), on U.S. food policy research.
  • Urbana Champaign, IL, Mar 27 (Tues), noon, University of Illinois, 426 Mumford Hall, on U.S. food policy research.
  • Chicago, Mar 28 (Wed). No meetings planned yet (indeed, suggestions welcome).

This journey is a pilot for a different way of organizing academic life, with a moderately smaller role for academic conferencing and a somewhat bigger role for slower-paced academic tours or sojourns from place to place. Among other activities, this tour gives me a chance to share topics from the second edition of my book, Food Policy in the United States: An Introduction (Routledge/Earthscan), published this month, March 2018, as well as to act out some of our initiative’s ideas for #flyingless. Thank you to all the nice people who arranged these invitations. If you are interested in other people doing travels in a similar spirit, follow the inspiring Twitter feed of Giuseppi Delmestri (@gdelmestri) this month, and the growing number of other lifestyle pioneers we share from the @flyingless feed.